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When The Time Is Right

I'm an actress and kid's acting coach in Los Angeles. A few months back I was coaching a very talented young boy named JJ and he asked me what my "strength" key necklace was. I showed him and explained how they work, how they can help inspire people. Prior to our session his mom had shared with me that he had been feeling a little blue after getting very close to booking a big part but not getting it. So when he asked about the necklace I felt at the time that this was probably the moment I was supposed to pass this key along. But for some reason I just wasn't ready to part with it yet...then afterwards I wished I had given it to him, and kicked myself for not doing so.

Cut to today...a few months later, and I'm coaching him again. He mentions the necklace that I happen to be wearing and this time without hesitation I know instantly it is meant for him... His mom and I both got teary eyed, he was tickled pink. Everything happens in it's own time, at the right time. You receive strength by giving it...

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