Strength To Go On

Us 3 sisters bought the "STRENGTH" key for our Nan. She has been battling cancer for 10 years and fought so hard and was always called the "miracle women" at Sloan Kettering and Mount Sinai. She never once complained or gave up her fight and always had the most positive outlook. She always put everyone else first and was always there for everyone. She had touched so many peoples lives. She lost her battle to cancer April 10, 2014, and wore the key around her neck up until that day and always had told us if she ever was to lose her battle that she trusted us to pass it on to someone who would then need it, because she was not letting it go until then because she truly felt it gave her strength.

So on the day of her wake we already knew who would need her strength the most. We believe that all of her strength entered the key the day she put it around her neck and that it will continue to carry her strength onto everyone who will wear it in the future. She had so much strength and courage to give, so her strength will live on forever, and help so many. The key was passed on to a very close family friend of ours, Paul & Marisa, Paul is battling cancer now and we believe the key will help Paul and Marisa be just as strong as Nan was. The day we had given the key to them Paul had one of his best days yet, and they already received a sign from Nan. We now know Paul will get through this and that the key will eventually get passed on to someone who needs it.

We know that Nan's strength will forever live on, just as she would want it to.

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