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July 08, 2014

The Strength To Fight Doubt

I purchased this key to give to a very close friend. She is going through a divorce that was completely unexpected and not where she chose to be in life. I saw these keys online somewhere and thought that the STRENGTH key would be perfect for her. I, and others, see her as a very strong person. She helps others in many ways. Being as close to her as I am, I know she doubts her strength at times. I hope this key reminds her of how strong she really is, and when she feels like she is not, that she has us to help her find her strength. I know that when she is strong again, she will find the right person to pass the key to.


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  • Thank you my friend! I am feeling stronger day by day and am almost ready to pass my necklace on to another woman who I believe needs it at this time. I would not have made it over the last 2 years without you- thank you!

    Amy on

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