Believing For Life

Today I passed on my "Believe" key to a friend. Her 7 week old daughter is fighting for her life. At 5 weeks she went into Children's Hospital finding out she had a tumor growing at a very rapid rate. After days in the hospital they sent them home, only having one appointment scheduled between then and the surgery which was 2 weeks out. The very next week she went in because something wasn't right, the surgery was bumped to the next day. She under went nearly 12 hours of surgery to remove the tumor and as they were in her tiny body they had to perform a Whipple procedure rerouting all of her organs, along with some major reconstruction. The next day during the "check up" they found part of the bowels had died so they had to remove it... 2 days later (yesterday) her bowels along with her intestines were completely removed which now means she will now have to eat through a tube. As if all of this isn't already heart wrenching enough to also find she needs a liver and pancreas transplant which needs to wait until her little body can gain some strength.

This family deserves a key for strength, hope, love and prayer...but my "Believe" key I'm passing on is because I believe and pray for them; that they will get their miracle, and that their little fighter will continue her fight and that they continue to believe that miracle will happen.


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