An Unintended Pay It Forward Story

The key that I had bought was "dream". I'm from Texas and I bought the key while I was in Colorado for a volleyball tournament. When I first bought it I had no idea who I was going to give the key to. I had a friend that I had just recently met that was asking me about it, I explained what it meant and he thought it was so neat. He is about to graduate high school and I realized he was meant to have it. One night I was at the sand volleyball courts with a lot of people from our school. I didn't want to play with it on so I took it off and put it on top of my shoe not thinking that anyone would take it. I was wrong, someone took the key.

So, I honestly don't know who has it but I hope they needed it more.

Even though I was extremely upset, I realized that the person who's hands it is in is where it's supposed to be.