Strong Enough To Refuse Fear

I bought my key with Strength and Fearless on it to serve as a reminder to have the strength to push through each day even if its on my knees crawling and fearless as a reminder to surpass fears of the future, the unknown and the fears of never been good enough; To keep my head up as best as I can and keep marching forward even when the world falls to pieces around me.

Someone very close to me has been having a hard time and I am helpless to stop it. I can't make her demons go away and I can't protect her from what only she understands. I only met her this year but she understood me like no one else. She was probably the only person I have even been able to be exactly who I am with. Unfiltered. No Censors. My inability to help her has been frustrating/ frightening mostly because she pushed me away...I cant get to her and I've lost my friend. The only person I was ever truly myself with.

However, since I am no longer in her life, I hope that she will wear this key, this necklace, as a reminder to be Strong and to never let any fears or doubts infringe on her journey.

Her life is incredibly valuable, She's going to change the world someday...She just doesn't know it yet.