Remember The Big Picture

This was my second giving key. I was actually surprised at how long I had my "kindness" key as I passed my first key on in a matter of weeks. I wondered who was going to receive this key, as I tend to work hard to make sure I treat others with kindness.

Fast forward a year after getting my key. I was given the opportunity to intern with a fantastic charity organization for five months. Through this internship, I learned more than I ever thought I would and saw what working for a non-profit could be like. After being their intern, through a series of random events, I applied and was considered for a job. This job was completely out of my comfort zone and it was not something I had considered or thought I would do in my future. I was pushed and recommended for the job by the woman who held the job and was retiring. She rooted for me from the start and continued to do so while they interviewed other applicants. When I was given a trial period for the job, she continued to teach and train me, so I was not inserted as a floundering fish into the job. She told me that people had shown her a considerable amount of kindness throughout her 44 years in the business world and wanted to pay the kindness forward. I thought she was the perfect recipient of the "kindness" key because she paid forward something to me that had been paid forward to her.

Thank you, Jo, for being willing to teach me, train me, answer my questions, and remind me to keep the big picture in mind.