A Tragedy No Parent Should Have To Face

An old friend I recently reconnected with has suffered a tragedy no parent should have to go through in a lifetime. They woke up to a house fire that had started in the middle of the night. The fire started in their two young children's room, and by the time they had woken up, they had fought with everything they could to save their children. Even once the police and fire crews had arrived it was too late, and heaven gained two beautiful angels that morning, Cruz (4) and Ella (2). The services for the children showed how much love they brought to this world in such a short time. I decided that day that both parents were someone who needed my strength key much more then myself. My wish for them is that my giving key helps them get through this tragedy even if it is just a little bit. The mother now wears it along with Cruz and Ella's charms. Thank you Giving Key for giving me a chance to help my friends in such a sentimental way.