Inspiration In The Hard Times

I was randomly shopping at a new boutique when I was ready to check out and noticed the giving key display. I was immediately intrigued and looked a bit closer but continued with my checking out. Just as I was finishing my purchase I was compelled to add the Inspire giving key to give to my daily dose of happy, Elizabeth. I simply couldn't walk away without it.

Elizabeth wandered into my life a few weeks ago as a new employee on my unit at work. I remember meeting her and immediately being drawn in by her beautiful smile and infectious love for life. After a short time of working with Elizabeth I began to understand that she embraces the good and shares that joy with the world each and every day. The irony is that she is enduring one of the most difficult obstacles in life that I can imagine. She is an amazing mother who is raising six precious children while struggling through a painful divorce. Everyday I get the opportunity to work beside Elizabeth. She has been an inspiration to me from the day I met her. I feel blessed and honored to have someone like her to INSPIRE me to smile more, love completely and fully embrace this crazy thing we call life.