Breathing Through The Unknown

I just bought the "Breathe" key as a way to say thank you. I know that sounds odd but it is so appropriate. 3 months ago my personal fitness trainer kept saying I didn't look healthy and had a yellow look to my skin. I ignored him for awhile, and continued going in for a workout . During these workouts he would constantly tells me to "Breathe". Well he continued to tell me I didn't look healthy. He then said I could not come back until I had seen a doctor. I love my workouts and thought " I'll show him I'm healthy". I wasn't. After countless medical work ups the doctors found uterine cancer in its early stage. The doctors told my husband and I they generally don't find it this early . I had a pea size tumor removed, started light radiation and feel wonderful I wanted to give him this key because throughout the whole process I did exactly what the key said -"Breathe" I could not think of a more personal way to say thank you then giving him a key.