Through This Pain

I received my key from my counselor who seemed to be able to find nothing but good in me. I have had it for months. I couldn't wear it due to an allergy of the material in the necklace but nevertheless I wore that key in my heart, it hung on my bathroom mirror and I saw it everyday. Everyday that key gave me "faith" everyday that key kept me smiling because i knew everything was going t be alright. Today Everything for me is going good, God has blessed me with everything i need. I just lost a long time friend who was in a vehicle/motorcycle accident, this loss hit me hard but it hit his sister "my dear friend" even harder. Cheryl knows God has another angel but her "faith" that everything is going to be alright is lacking. While talking on social media today someone told her to have "faith" and she replied that she is trying. Today I realized my necklace needs to leave my mirror and travel to someone who need a little boost in "faith". I hope and pray Cheryl will hold this key dear to her heart and know when it is time to share the "faith". God I pray you will be able to keep your guiding healing hand on Cheryl and her family during this hard time and please help her to have "faith" you will see her through this pain of the loss of her brother. Amen