One Day At A Time

I am a firm believer in"Bashert" -that something is meant to be. I don't believe it is coincidence when people come into our lives, I think we are brought together for a reason. I believe it was bashert that my daughter became friends with a new girl at her dance studio several years ago. Middle school girls can be so awful and my daughter needed a friend that she could trust, lean on and make her laugh. She found her, they became fast friends and their friendship continues to flourish in high school today.

It was bashert that our girls were brought together not only for their developing friendship but I believe they were brought together so I could also meet her mom, Heather. Heather is a beautiful person inside and out. She is tall, poised and loves her tie dye :) Heather appreciates the beauty of a sunset, loves the smell of the ocean, and relishes in the warmth of sand on her feet. It is the simple things in life that make Heather happy. She lives by the inspirational phrases that she often posts. Her mantra is "BREATHE".

When I first saw The Giving Keys, I immediately knew Heather would love them. When I saw the one that said "BREATHE", I knew it was meant to be hers. It was bashert. I was waiting for the perfect time to give the key to Heather. I thought perhaps it would be when she sends her son off to college as I know how hard that is going to be for her. But the perfect time arose when a good friend of hers recently experienced very trying times in her life. You see, not only does Heather have a kind soul, but she is also selfless. She cares so deeply for the people in her life and values their friendship so much that she often carries their pain and stress as well. I knew it was the right time to give Heather her key in order to help her get through the stresses that she is experiencing in her own life and to help her reach out to her friends and help them as well.

I am very lucky to have Heather in my life, she is an amazing friend and an inspiration. Her key hangs around her neck, close to her heart. I hope she keeps it as long as she needs it but I also hope the day will come when she finds calm in her life and is ready to pass it along. For now, I hope it is a reminder for her to take one day at a time and always remember to BREATHE...... xoxo