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The Epitomy Of Courage

I gave my key to my sister-in-law, Kathy Anderson. She has been battling cancer all over her body for a long time now. When I read the card about "courage", she immediately popped into my mind. Though this entire cancer journey, she has remained so positive and her relationship with God hasn't wavered. She has been an inspiration to all who know her (and who don't know her but have been praying for her). She has done everything the doctors have said to fight for her life and she has PRAYED! A real true example of a woman of God. It's easy to have a good relationship with God when all is well in your life, but the true test is during times of trials. Frankly, the family isn't even sure what the status of her cancer truly is because she doesn't want to talk details and worry anyone. She is trying to protect everyone even during the biggest fight of her life. She epitomizes courage to me. I love her and I pray for complete healing! I strive to exemplify just a small percent of her courage in my own life!

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