Be Fearless In Giving


"Fearless." I guess you don't understand what that means or feels like until you're challenged with obstacles that truly instill fear in you.

I would have previously considered myself a somewhat "fearless" person having moved to two new cities alone, found jobs and friends on my own, helped my family through hard times. This combined with wanderlust and a free spirit, I felt I could navigate life's trials and tribulations.

But this spring, something changed. In a few short months I had married my best friend, lost my job, and went through depression and anxiety (likely due to all these life changes happening so close together). That's the "in a nutshell" version of the story, of course.

During those months I was fearful of what was happening to me, change, the future, uncertain of who I was and where my path is supposed to lead. Insecurities crept in and I no longer felt confident or good about myself. It was like someone swept the rug out from under my feet.

Now, feeling more empowered and new purpose, I can sit back and reflect on this life experience and how I view fear. One thing I learned is that we are never alone in our fears. There is always someone, somewhere who has been in similar shoes, knows your pain and wants to help you. Sometimes that comes in the form of a loving family, an incredible husband, or even a stranger or acquaintance who enters your life at the right time. That support, in whatever shape it takes, can be what helps you conquer your fears and pull through any darkness.

Fast-forward a month or two, my mom and I are window shopping and discover The Giving Keys. Seeing it as an amazing cause and a wonderful way to pay-it-forward, we spent about 20 minutes debating which key to choose. As you can gather by now, mine was "fearless." I wanted that extra reminder that I'm not afraid of this change in my life, I welcome it. I want to prove that self-critical voice of fear wrong. And that these past few months were part of a bigger plan to make me stronger and lead me to better days and a more meaningful life.

Passing Along The Key:
I just mailed my "fearless" key to one of my best friends, more like sister, Kelly. She just finished law school, is about to take the bar exam and then get married this fall. She's one of the most fearless women I know, but even the most resilient women need support, love and little reminders of their strength that they are fearless.

Okay, Sis, time for you to put that key around your neck, wear it with pride, and then when you find someone who may need a little reminder or help pass it on to them. :)

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