The Giving Of The Key

I had been wanting to get a Giving Key for over a year, and with the extra money from my summer job waitressing at the Jersey shore, I finally decided to splurge on one! I was so happy to receive it in the mail! I had decided to get a Never Ending Necklace with the word Courage--something I felt I needed. I wore it everyday and loved telling people of your company whenever they gave me the compliment of how much they liked my necklace. I knew eventually I would have to give my necklace away, but as I wore it and looked down at the word inscribed on my key, secretly I hoped I wouldn't run into someone for a very long time. Of course, you can never decide such things--God does! At this summer restaurant there is a very lovely hostess. She is always so helpful, has a great attitude and is just an all-around awesome girl. This week, I could see she was visibly upset, having red eyes throughout the evening. I stopped by the hostess stand later that night and she told me how her brother's best friend had died in a motorcycle accident, and that she had just been to the wake that day. She couldn't find someone to cover her shift and so she had to work. Then she paused and said "I like your necklace." I hadn't told her what the key was or what it meant. I said "Thank you" and ran off to check on my table but the whole time I could hear God whispering to me, "It's her. Give it to her." In my mind, I tried to rationalize-thinking "But I just got it two weeks ago!" and "I still need courage!" But I knew in the bottom of my heart she needed the key--my heart was singing it to me. Later, there was a moment I was able to catch her by herself and say, "Here. I want to give you this." She looked so surprised and started to refuse but I said "No. It's a Giving Key. You're supposed to give it away to someone who needs what's written on it. I want you to have it. But you have to promise to give it away to someone else someday." I took it off my neck and placed it around hers. It was AMAZING. I saw her countenance lift from someone who was grieving and sad to someone happy and surprised. And the moment I gave it away, I felt happier than I had when I got the key. She wore it tucked away under her dress the rest of the night and I don't think she told anyone, but I'm glad about that. It's our secret! So, I'm about to order my second key. And I'm so excited to receive it. But now--this time around--I'm actually just as excited to give it away. ;)
God bless you and your company for all you do. What a lovely, inspired idea.

Jennifer McDowell