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October 06, 2014

Faith When You Don't Understand

I have had a "Faith" key for quite some time, honestly fully intending to wear it forever since I like it, and I am truly a person of faith. Despite knowing the intent of "giving keys", I never really thought about giving it away. However, my son-in-law's father was killed in a plane crash last week and we are heading to the funeral in the U.S. (I am from Canada). I'll be giving my key to my son-in-law's mom. She is obviously crushed by her husband's death, and I hope she'll find some comfort in my key. It's a small token, but I hope it will provide her some strength in the difficult, days, weeks, and months ahead...


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  • I was touched by this whole concept of employing the homeless and paying it forward. I first saw a post of Facebook about The
    Giving Keys and immediately bought two necklaces. The first one I bought and wore was “fearless”. A friend of mine published an award winning novel about a navy seal hero named Adam Brown. The story is so inspiring that I immediately chose “fearless”. I wore the necklace for about a month not knowing who or when I would pay it forward. Sitting with a few friends one evening, one of my friends was sharing her fear about her son who had just gotten into the academy to train as a navy seal. I recommended the book I had read and then gave her the necklace. It was a perfect moment!
    My second necklace is “faith”. I’ll blog when I pay it forward.

    Jennifer on

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