Unintentionally Paying It Forward

My pay it forward story is a little different than most. It wasn't expected but it was beautifully unexpected. My key was gold and said "Faith" because I believe that faith in God is all you need and is worth more than gold. I wore my key everyday and loved it so much. This was a little unfortunate though because it made me hesitant to pay it forward and give it to someone else. But one day I went to a beach here in SoCal and my key got lost in the waves. At first I was really sad. I didn't want to say goodbye to my lovely key, but then a thought occurred to me. Maybe it'll wash up on shore and someone who needs it will find it. Like maybe I'm paying it forward without even meaning to. I thought that when I did eventually pay it forward I would be say but it actually made me happy. I thought of all the joy that my little key brought to my life and that it'll bring that same joy to someone else's life. I kind of laugh and think that maybe God intervened thinking "I know you love your key, but it's time it did good in someone else's life like it did in yours". So if anyone finds this key, you hang on to it. I hope it'll bring the same joy to your life that it has brought to mine :)