Believing You Can Get Through It

Natalie has been my friend for 6 years. She has always been the most beautiful girl with the biggest heart. When we got to high school Natalie experienced some serious bullying. People she thought she could trust turned on her and people she didn't even know where saying awful things about her. She got to the point where is was unbearable for her to be at school. She didn't want to hear what the people were saying. It was on social media as well. She couldn't get away from the bullying. So she decided to drop out of high school and finish online at home. But when she left school she left everything behind, including me. But that didn't stop me from believing in Natalie. I knew she was going through a hard time, I understood that she needed to get away for awhile.
Nobody could reach her, she cut herself off from the world, I didn't even have her cell phone number. No one did. She wanted to be practically invisible. That's why this past week when I saw that she had posted on social media I was so happy, I cried. I contacted her via instatgram and got her number immediately. I talked to her on the phone and listened to her story. Natalie not only sounded better than before, she sounded happy and ready to move on with her life. Because she believed in herself, Natalie got through something that most people could never handle. She is my role model, and that's why I gave her my Believe key. To remind her that no matter what happens in life, all it takes is a little believing to get through it.