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The Most Inspired

I ordered my giving key for myself with the word INSPIRE on it because I believe we all have the ability to be an inspiration to others in so many ways. I had my key for about 3 months and wore it all the time just in case I encountered someone who inspired (haha) me to give it away. There are MANY people in my life that have inspired me in various ways and helped shape the person that I am today. I started to think that I should have ordered about 20 'inspire' keys. However, two days ago, I made the decision about who to give my key to. One of my best friends, Shawn, is moving to Cape Town, South Africa in 2 weeks and what better way to send him off than a little inspiration. He is going on mission for 2 years to serve as a volunteer with Ubuntu Football Academy ( Shawn is seriously an inspiration to so many people. The way he loves and cares for people is unmatchable and I hope to show that same love to others. He is compassionate, loving, sincere, genuine, funny, Godly, and most of all passionate. He puts 110% into any and every thing that he does. Shawn inspires me to be more like Christ every day. I am truly blessed to know this wonderful guy. I know that he will find someone in South Africa that inspires him and will give the key away to someone new. But for now, I am glad that Shawn knows how much he is loved.

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