Strength For Siblings

I have had a rough year with my health, but still had a positive attitude that it could be worse. I was diagnosed with blood clots in both lungs, Hashimoto's thyroid disease, and then a rare tumor in my head called an acoustic neuroma. Through it all, I was just happy to have answer that could be treated. The first two are managed by medication, and 6 weeks ago, I had my brain surgery to remove the tumor. There were some complications, but I'm on the road to recovery. A dear friend of mine sent me the Strength key, and I wear it proudly. I now am ordering one for my brother who will be 2 years sober in a couple of weeks. I decided to order the Strength key as well because after years of suffering, battles, and hitting rock bottom, he found the strength to get the overdue help and has fought every day to better his life, as well as his family's. I am now running through my brain of everyone that I can think of that I want to order these keys for.
I was nervous about having my head shaved and my scar showing, but I've learned to show it off for what I've been through and survived. My key is a reminder to me every day. I want to let my loved ones know that no matter what they are suffering from or get through, they need to be proud!!!! Thank you so much for a wonderful product!!!