From a Mother and a Friend

Back in May I purchased 3 keys, one bracelet and 2 necklaces. I thought they were cool but once I heard about the company helping homeless people transition back into society through work AND the whole pay it forward mentality and purpose I was that much more moved to make my purchase. The bracelet said LOVE. It was a gift for my daughter. She has been having a hard time transitioning into adult life. She's a college student that struggles academically, all of her friends have moved away to go to school and she is not connecting to individuals not she'd like. She had a boyfriend and that was short lived so for her I want her to find LOVE in another relationship. One necklace was DREAM, again a gift for my daughter who is also struggling with direction and living out her dreams. She wears both of these everyday.

The second necklace was for said GRACE. I wanted the summer to be a time for me to truly believe in the grace of God over me and my life. To be able to accept this grace and find peace in it. It's been an incredible summer and I truly can say that I am at peace. I've continued to wear the necklace as my reminder. The other day I was at lunch with a friend and she was talking about struggling with the actions of some family members and that she does feel bad for feeling upset and bothered by their actions. She then sat there pondering and said that what if she is the only exposure to being a Christian that these people have and that she needs the GRACE of God upon her so she can represent Him correctly for her family. The minute she said GRACE, I touched my necklace and the told her that I had to do something. I told her my story, I told her the Giving Key story and then I took my necklace off and presented it to her there. We both cried because it truly was a perfect moment.

Thank you so much for the opportunity to be a part of such a thoughtful, spiritual, emotional, humanity, positive movement.
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