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October 22, 2014

Just Breathe...

It's been 2 years since I met Caitlin Crosby at a trunk show in New York, when I got my first Giving Key.
At the time I was going through an incredibly difficult period of time. And Caitlin encouraged me to consider the "BREATHE" key. I didn't even realize I'd been holding my breath, so to speak. Getting that key allowed me to let go of what I'd been holding onto. To give it over to God and let Him be in control. It was a daily reminder that there were more important things.
Knowing the point of the key is to help, but also to be given away, I was always on the lookout for someone who needed this message that had helped me so greatly.
Time passed. I got a couple more keys with different words, "Peace" and "Fearless." But I still had yet to pass my first key on.

A friend of mine lost her father last year. And she has been to hell and back in dealing with a loss that I have no frame of reference to be able to comprehend. And she is still standing. Last weekend say the benefit concert that she organized to raise money for the Shriner's, a group to which her father belonged.
The Wednesday before the concert, she sent out a group text asking us to pray for peace. Peace in planning this event and peace that it would go smoothly and properly honor her father's memory. And I'm sure some good old fashioned generic peace for the emotions that must have been going through her at the time. Again, I cannot even begin to imagine!
The minute I read her text, I knew it was time to give my key and that she was the one who needed it.
If anyone needed a reminder to breath, it was her.

So I passed me key onto her. My breath, my peace. And I hope she can use it to find the comfort I found in wearing this simple word and walk with it as a constant reminder. A tap on the shoulder. You'll make it, you're strong enough. Just breathe!


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  • I lost my father 6 weeks ago. I adored my father. I am looking at getting the “breathe” key…..so your gift to your friend who just lost her father………I believe was incredibly appropriate. Bless you for caring for her in such a beautiful way. I have no doubt that you touched her heart in a very special way and did bring peace and a moment of breathe to her soul.<3

    Catie on

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