Fearless Faith

I put off buying a key. I can be selfish and didn't want to buy something intended to give away! Shopping in a local boutique I was once again drawn to the The Giving Key display and a word jumped out at me; "fearless." I had been struggling with taking a risk and felt I needed this word, totally forgetting I would one day be challenged to give the key away. I was thinking about me.
Fast forward four weeks. I put on the key, go serve in our local food bank, someone approached me about seeking counsel. As a pastor it is what I do. This young woman is terrified because God is calling her to do something BIG. She is frightened. She is not supported by her current faith family. She must be fearless to do what God is telling her to do. Before I knew it my key was in her neck. She is sobbing. I was sobbing. I don't miss it at all.