Courage Through Illness

A couple of months ago my mom's sister, my Aunt Lynn, was diagnosed with ALS. This disease took the life of my Uncle Ted, my mom's brother, in November 2012. I recently had the opportunity to visit my Aunt Lynn and my extended family for the first time since her diagnosis. It was shocking and heartbreaking to see how quickly the disease seemed to be moving with my Aunt!

On top of this, my husband has been served with a short notice PCS (move) overseas. While I was excited at the opportunity to experience a life overseas with my family it broke my heart to think that I was visiting my Aunt Lynn for the last time in this life.

I think my Aunt is having a difficult time with her diagnosis, which I think is totally normal and to be expected. We all feel so helpless and I'm sure she feels the same. The doctor's have prescribed medication that is supposed to slow the progress of the disease, but it still seems to be moving so fast.

I am a part of a military MOPS group and received a "Courage" key as part of my membership. For one day I wore this key thinking of my Aunt Lynn throughout the day. My children and I took pictures throughout the day. I have sent the key along with the pictures and a devotional to my Aunt Lynn for her birthday to remind her that she is strong, she is brave and she has courage.

Thank you for this amazing gift of the giving keys!