A Random Meeting


i volunteered with you in LA a few months back and had the pleasure to create my own key which said : BELIEVE on one side, and LET GO on the other..i loved this key so much and was wearing almost every day ad these two words really spoke to my season.

Till last week.

Being in Germany right now to visit family and friends, we traveled to AMSTERDAM, Netherlands for the day ( which is a 2.5hrs drive) to hang out.
My two girlfriends and a brother and me wanted to do a boat tour on the canals there.
However to keep the long story short, we walked down the pier on one of the canals and one of my girlfriends shouted out randomly to one boat which had 6 guys on there, which totally looked like a self built, private boat and not an official tourist boat.
Gratefully they let all of us on board ( just for 30 min cause apparently they had to pick up 50 people as they wanted to have a lil party on board) to take as for a short cruise which was so nice as they didn't know any of us and had a private party goin on.

But then the cruise extended up and down on the canals for almost three hours ( we did pick up a lot of people on the way and it turned out to really be a party boat) and all of us were able to spread some love and encourage the guys who owned/ drove the boat.

I had a long "spiritual Jesus- talk" with the captain of the boat while the Lord already put on my heart to give this key of mine to him. Out of the blue, in the conversation, Maarten, the captain, said that he gave a key away once to someone (which was not a GIVING KEY and had nothing written on it). That was before i told him i give him my key and he never heard about the giving keys ever before anyway.For me that was enough of a sign to LET GO myself of the key ( and BELIEVE that it get sown in good soil) and give it away to bless this guy.
He was so touched and amazed that someone would do this for him. I blessed him with a quick prayer and after we left the boat they all contacted us and said we should come back cause we were such a blessing and good influence.
some seeds sown.. :-)