Beyond Cerebral Palsy

The moment I found out about The Giving Keys, I fell in love. I purchased a key engraved with the word INSPIRE in hopes that I could inspire someone to be a great person and become a part of this movement. I was nervous that I wouldn't give the key away to the right person, until the day he walked into my work. After explaining what my key was all about, he proceeded to tell me about the most inspiring person he knew, his daughter Carly. She was 11 years old, living with cerebral palsy. As this man I barely knew told me about how no one or nothing could or would stop his daughter from accomplishing her dreams, I knew my key was meant for her. This small gesture meant the world to him, and it even made him cry (happy tears)! Thank you Carly for being so darn inspirational, and The Giving Keys for all you do!