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December 29, 2014

Not Just Another Day

It was just another day when I was at a Taco Bell and a woman asked what I was eating. I noticed that she had a few bags sitting next to her and was alone and needed someone to talk to. I told her, and it led to a long talk about her and where she was going . She was trying to get to San Diego, and had no way to get there. I could see she needed some help, so I gave her eight dollars and my key that said BELIEVE. She told me she couldn't take the key, but I told her more about myself and The Giving Keys and that I wanted her to have it. She thanked me and told me, "God bless you, you're so sweet."




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  • My husband is a LOCKSMITH and this is the neatest thing I’ve ever seen AND I love mine…(given to me this Christmas by my daughter.) It reads"FAITH" and my husband’s (Who just completed Chemo/Radiation) is “STRENGTH.”
    My daughter is so “intune” with us…and Life…and always hits us Emotionally and Spiritually Perfectly each time she says or does anything for us.She’s special…These are special ..and I know GOD will pick a special person for us to give them the future.Blessings upon the creator of this tradition.Chris<><

    Chris on

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