My Fighter, My Angel, My Sister

My sister was the most amazing, strong, kind person I have and ever will know. She fought a battle and she never gave up. She always appreciated everyone and she put everyone else's feelings before her own. She is my little angel.

There are four girls in my family, me and my triplet sisters. She was a triplet but she was closer to me than her triplet sisters. She was my best friend and she always will be. 18 months ago she was diagnosed with a rare type of brain cancer. She fought so hard against the sickness and she will always be remembered for it. Kira was a soldier just like any soldier from the army, she fought for her life like an army soldier fights for their country.

Kira had 10 brain surgeries done over one year. She and my mom traveled to England to have multiple experimental surgeries done, maybe for some hope that she would be cured. She made such a difference in the world because she helped teach doctors how to help cure others.

Kira was my best friend and I miss her so much. She passed away October 4th at the age of 11. She was supposed to turn 12 soon after, but that won't happen. We will never see her go to high school or get married. Her sisters will have to go through the agony of being called twins knowing that they are really triplets. She fought a long and hard battle and she did not lose because when she died so did the cancer.

At her wake my friend came to me and handed me a key on a chain. On it, it said LET GO, and she told me she was once in the hospital and someone handed her that key. She was told that when she no longer needed it she should give it to someone who does and she gave it to me. She gave me hope that everything will be okay even though it is hard right now.