Changing Course, But Keeping Hope

I gave away my second key today. I always find it amazing when intuition, fate, and the opportunity to make that split second decision all come together.

I'd only had "my" key that read STRENGTH and HOPE on for 3 days. I had had it for months, but for some reason (there's that intuition and fate again!) I hadn't put it on. I am so glad that I had it on this day...

I am a full time student and a senior in a social work program. Our social work cohort has had some trials and tribulations between members for the last year. The lessons we are learning that are to be applied to our careers, seem to also be lessons that we are applying to our personal lives. Today a member came into class to explain that she would not be able to continue on in the program. She explained that she had recently been diagnosed with some serious medical issues, which included upcoming surgeries, which would take months to recover from. I also learned that with these complications, she was unable to l carry her little girl who wasn't even yet two years old.

As a mother, I can't imagine being in a hospital bed for a week, coming home to your children who have missed you so much, and not being able to pick them up and embrace them the way they need and you yourself need to so desperately. I also can't imagine being only a semester away from your degree and the dream that you have worked so hard for, and having to put this on hold and not being able to graduate with members of a cohort that have struggled, cried, and overcome so much together.

As I sat and watched this brave woman tell her story and cry I was struck by her courage and apparent fear. I began to touch my key of STRENGTH and HOPE and in that moment I knew she needed it and I needed to pass it on. It is oftentimes in these split second decisions that we have the opportunity to create a chain reaction and the power to change hearts and lives. I hope that "my" key will give this woman the strength and hope in the next few months and help her to have the strength to heal physically and emotionally as well as give her hope. I am blessed to have had the opportunity to pass this on, and I know that she will also pass this key on when she is ready. Thank you to The Giving Keys and thank you to this amazing woman who I know will persevere, overcome, and succeed.



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