His Turn To Let Go

I told my boyfriend how much I really wanted a key and how excited I was about what The Giving Keys stood for. He surprised me with a key that read LET GO at the perfect time. Some things in my past had come up and were really starting to weigh me down. In the month after I received my key, our relationship had come to an end. We had been having issues for a while and even though it hurt like hell we decided to break up.

One night, my boyfriend called me in hysterics saying he needed to see me, he had driven 45 minutes to campus and was driving in a fit of tears. I told him to pull over, collect himself, and I'd be waiting. We ended up talking for 2 hours outside in the cold. After almost 2 years, He finally opened up to me and told me about the things in his past that greatly weighed on his self-esteem, personality, and how he formed relationships with others. I took off my LET GO necklace and gave it to him. It was his turn.