Keeping Faith and Finding Myself Again

I received my FAITH key as a birthday gift from my new daughter-in-law last year. I am blessed with a loving family and she is a new addition I love dearly. I have been divorced now for over five years and although at first I felt a sense of freedom, I began to feel that "void." Even though I was happy and content in all other aspects of my life, I think she saw this and gave me the key not only to continue to have faith in God but to have faith in myself, my power, and my capabilities! I have not taken it off and am now in a relationship with a wonderful man and have not felt this happy in a long long time!

While I continue to have faith in everything, I now want to give this key to my sister. She too is blessed with a loving family and her health among many other things. She has gone through two divorces and has continued to grow, be strong and loving to everyone, and never let it get her down! She is amazing and I am thankful I have her for a sister and a friend.

I want her to wear the key and continue to be the strong, courageous woman that she is, but most of all to have FAITH in her hopes and dreams!!!