Finding the Right Home

My story is unique in that rather than passing on my key, I gave mine back to The Giving Keys in the hopes that they could find it a better home than I could.

The key said STRENGTH and was given to me by my now ex-boyfriend. I am a strong woman with loads of life experience that have helped shape me into who I am today. The STRENGTH key didn't speak to me, and didn't seem applicable to all my wonderful friends who are equally strong.

Despite my inner strength, I admit that the break-up left me in pieces. The key couldn't help me because it was a gift from him. I couldn't just toss it, and I didn't have anyone to give it to. So I contacted The Giving Keys and asked if they would take it back (as a donation - not a return) and find it a good home. They promised they would, and I hope that it's serving someone the way it is intended to!
I treasure the first key I bought for myself years ago, and I'll be treating myself to another one soon.