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January 02, 2015

We Are All Strength

I was in a production of "Hair" at my college, and our director gave all of us bracelets and necklaces from The Giving Keys. I was given the word STRENGTH, and I initially did not know why I had been given this word. I came to the conclusion that I needed the reminder that I myself could be strong. I posted a photo on Instagram saying:

"If there was ever a word I needed in my life right now, it is this one. I need to know that I AM strong, I am capable of so much and I have the strength to pursue those goals, those dreams. Thank you to Robin Russell for this gift from @thegivingkeys. I am forever grateful."

I had told my mother that I didn't know if I would ever find someone who needed the bracelet more than me; I thought that I was going to need this reminder for a long, long time. But little did I know that I would.

My cousin's girlfriend, Faith, was recently diagnosed with Stage 3 Ovarian cancer. She has fought like a true warrior, and has become a true example of STRENGTH. Cancer had become a part of my life a few years ago when my grandfather was diagnosed with cancer, but I had never had my world rocked quite like this. I felt that I needed to do something for Faith, but I didn't know what exactly. I found myself inspired to write her a song titled "Hope, Courage, and Faith" so she knew that we were all going to fight this battle with her and for her. I recorded the song on my phone and emailed it to family and to Faith.

This Thanksgiving, I finally got to see her after she had been diagnosed. As we hugged, she broke down and thanked me for the song and said it came at a time when she needed it most. It was in that moment, I knew why I had been given this bracelet with a key and the word STRENGTH on it. I was meant to give this to Faith. After Thanksgiving dinner, I grabbed my guitar and played for Faith and the rest of my family.

After I had played, sang, and cried with the rest of my family, Faith and I shared a hug. I knew it was the right time to give her the bracelet. I said, "I didn't know exactly why I had been given this bracelet, but I do now. These bracelets are meant to be given away when you find someone who needs the word on the key as much or more than you do, and I would like to give this to you. You are so strong and have been so strong, and I just want you to have that reminder like I did." 

I did not think I would ever give that bracelet away. I thought I would wear it forever to remind myself that I could be strong. But I found someone who needed it more than me. That is my story, and I look forward to the day when Faith gives it to someone who needs it more than her.

I am STRENGTH. Faith is STRENGTH. We are all STRENGTH.
Thank you for this company and what it stands for.





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