Inspiring to Lead

After hearing about The Giving Keys at the Jesus Culture Conference in Los Angeles this past summer, I immediately went out to buy one. I was originally looking for CREATE or something along those lines because I'm an artist. I found one but for some reason I felt it wasn't the right key for me. So I kept looking. When I found INSPIRE, I knew that it was the key I was supposed to own. I didn't really understand but I got it and trusted in that feeling.

About two weeks after I purchased my key I went to South East Asia on a mission with three other members of my church. About four days into the trip I was feeling very lonely. I'm 19 years old and the person next closest to my age was 61! So one day I went into a church to pray about it and after a good long cry I heard God tell me that I was on this trip for a reason and I never had to feel lonely because he was always with me and whenever I needed reminding I could just grab my necklace and know that He was there with me. I asked him about the word INSPIRE and he just told me to let go and be a vessel for the Spirit and know that they were His words and not my own that I was sharing and if I did that, there would be a shift in the youth in South East Asia.

That night we went to preach at a home in the jungle and I was super nervous. So I grabbed my necklace and immediately felt the presence of God and chills ran up and down my body and when it was my turn to speak I said a quick prayer about being a vessel and letting God use me and all my other teammates were so surprised at how powerful the message I gave was. I was even asked to lead the teachings a few times after that. Three days before I left Asia, we went to a local youth group to preach and pray. While I was praying for one girl, I heard God tell me to give my key to her. After the service I went up and talked to her. It turned out she was a student leader and was feeling very very burnt out. She told me how she felt she had to just keep giving and giving and that she was never able to be spiritually fed herself. She was afraid of not being inspiring to the students and about being the youngest leader and afraid she wouldn't have enough to share with the youth. I explained how I felt very similarly at the beginning of the trip and told her about my talk with God, the key, and inspiration. Then I explained the premise of The Giving Keys and gave my key to her. She has since written me and told her how much the key inspires her and helps her to inspire those around her.



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