There Is Hope

Frankly speaking, I just loved the name and the style of the necklace and not until i arrived home did I have any idea about what I had just purchased. I was shopping for a Christmas party (which by the way was a donor's party) outfit at Altered States in Shreveport, Louisiana. I had already checked out when your display caught my eye...."The Giving Keys" - The name just spoke to my heart so I returned to the checkout counter with my necklace in hand. Not only did I fall in love with what your company is doing it is has inspired me to do the same thing for my daughter who just happens to have autism and lives at St. Mary's Training Center in Boyce Louisiana....Thank you for caring enough to share with those less fortunate than ourselves....I am a street photographer and my best times have been when I set my camera to the side and sit on the ground to talk to my homeless brothers and sisters...I have heard so many stories from these wonderful people, some have very severe mental issues, some of them live free by choice or horrible circumstances have come their way. But I have found that most of them don't want to beg, they want a HAND UP not a hand out - after handing most of them money or food some have played music for me, offered me trinkets ALL of them simply say "thank you", with tears in their eyes.....Well, back to my key story - I wore my hope key to the party (a room full of wonderful people dressed to the nines giving to St. Gerard House in Hendersonville N.C.) - I am not a frilly dresser and I wore my wonderful blouse with my key - and jeans along with a pair of cute little shiny shoes...that key gave my heart such joy after reading the story that I felt like the best dressed woman in the room! When I got home, my 16 year old daughter was waiting for me to see how the party went and when she saw the key she said...OH MOMMA - I want that key....I love that necklace! If you have a daughter you know that key was no longer mine...But, before handing the necklace to her I told her the story of the necklace adding that famous quote - "give a man a fish-he eats for a day - teach a man to fish and he eats for life!"- Thank you for showing this ol gal that there is HOPE (my key was a hope key) -and through your giving key I was able to "pass it on" to my daughter, Nellie Grace and teach her that little acts ALWAYS mean a lot and that a group of people filled with love can make a huge difference.....I shall buy these necklaces for my friends and family for Christmas....Merry CHRISTmas Kisses to all of you.....and thank you, thank you, thank you....e