Faith As Her Foundation

I just had the privilege of giving my first key away to my dear friend Robin Lysek in celebration of her birthday today. The key that I gave her is Faith. Robin is a role model for me on many levels, and her biggest modeling to me has been her unshaken Faith. In the last two years, Robin has suffered devastating losses of family members. Through each loss, she has come out stronger and more firm in her belief and her foundation. Robin, a breast cancer survivor, was the connector and greatest supporter of our colleague, Lynn Scheitrum, who recently passed away from cancer. Robin's strength through Lynn's illness was nothing less than inspiring. Robin was able to support and comfort Lynn in a way that the rest of us could not. She chose to be there for Lynn and to give to Lynn all she had learned from her own experience. She made herself incredibly available and vulnerable to Lynn, relying on her Faith as her foundation. Through all of her trials, Robin continues to be a world class Mom to three amazing kids and a wonderful wife, sister, sister in law and friend. Robin, happy birthday and thank you for inspiring me with your Faith. Love, Jill