Someone Else Will Need It More

I actually didn't receive a giving key myself, rather I bought one for someone who has been so kind, and generous to me as a way to pay it forward.

I am a teacher, and the wonderful person I bought the giving key for is also. We work at the same school in different grade levels. Last year was my first year teaching, and she has really taken me under her wing. What I love about her, and what sets her aside from others is that she never makes me feel inferior; I am always treated as her equal. I have grown to really trust and admire her as a teacher, and also just as an incredibly kind person who always does right by others. She is the type of person, that when you are around her you feel her positive energy. Her laughter and her smile is magnetic.

She currently is going through a bit of a struggle right now. She and her husband have been trying to have a baby for quite some time, and they have not only been unsuccessful but also have had to endure two heart breaking miscarriages. In the past couple of months I have had a few conversations with her about this struggle, and it has become very apparent how challenging this is for her, and the toll it is beginning to take on her spirit. She is such an optimist, and recently I feel she is slowly loosing that positivity- and for good reason.I could only imagine how difficult something like this could be. It's very hard to watch such special, genuinely good people go through such difficult experiences. I know her time will come, and I know she is meant to be a mom, because there is something so special about her. Which brings me to the key.

I bought her a Giving Key to wear around her neck everyday that says "believe". I hope each day she puts it on, and she never looses hope in her dreams to be a mother. She is such a special person to me, and I hope this key brings her the faith, and strength she may be beginning to loose.

My hopes are that one day she will pass this key along, because she will finally have a baby of her own, and someone will need this key more than she <3