Always By My Side

So on the 15th of December my boyfriend decided to give me one Christmas present early, I agreed to this and i was excited to see what it was.

He pulled a small bag out of a parcel and sat me down, he gave me a little speech saying, he knows my past hasn't been the best and in the relationship I'm in he wanted me to feel comfortable and know that he will always be there for me telling me that there's no need to worry he isn't going anywhere and will always be by my side.

He then pulled out a chain and gave me the necklace and on the key was engraved 'LOVE'. He placed it around my neck and yes i started to cry!

He then pulled a second necklace and said this one is for me, so we are both reminded of each other and we both wear them, then he told me about how you have to pass them on in time, so he said when we have our own children we can pass the message and keys down to them.

I'm over the moon with my necklace I'm in love with it!