She Manages Life With Grace And Inspires Me

I received the key Inspire from an extremely special friend who knows just the right time in my life cycle to do something extraordinary to impact my life. Her giving me this key was at a time I was struggling with internal feelings regarding contributions to others and humanity. I have had this for close to a year, and almost forgot about it until I witnessed a very good friend of mine by the name of Karen, work through some struggles in her life path. I have been blessed to get to share in her story by being a part of her new role as GiGi (Grandmother) to an absolutely brilliant child. Knowing her for close to 20 years, and even in her personal struggles, she manages life with grace and inspires me to do the same. Learning how to slow down, and truly experience the wonders of everyday life is something I learned from her very quickly. She is an inspiration to her children, grandchildren and every friend she brings into her family. Her inspiration right now is her best friend, also by the name of Karen, who is determined to beat the "C" word one day at at time. Karen would write her daily..write her not email, with inspirations to make just that day a better one...She does not perceive herself as one that inspires so many, so it is an honor to be the person that gets to give her the key. I love you Karen like a sister!