It Was Time For Me To Give The Faith Key way

This Christmas I received two gifts from my daughter. The first was the faith key and the second was the announcement that we would be grandparents for the first time. The faith key was a wonderful gift that acknowledged my faith in Jesus Christ and a celebration of his birth. I am proud to wear it and share my story with others.

The very same day, my daughter began to miscarry the long awaited baby. We only had a few short moments of joy to celebrate together before we began to mourned the lost. The week following the miscarriage, I could see the fear and doubt in her eyes about the future of being able to have a child. As the time came for her to return home, I began to think that it was time for me to give the faith key away. I hope that by her having the key she will remember that God holds her in the palm of his hand and that he works all things together for good for those that love him. Although this is hard to see sometimes, faith helps you trust when things seem so dark. "Hope is no less real because it seems small amid the darkness. Faith is no less yours to claim because you struggle against doubt." from "Take this Cup" by Bodie and Brock Thoene.

As I read others stories, I am faithful that her story will end with overwhelming joy.