I Never Expected To Give It Away So Quickly

Earlier this year I purchased a custom necklace with the word "shalom" on it, as I felt I needed a constant reminder to seek peace. I never expected to give it away so quickly - I envisioned having it for years before I found someone I wanted to give it to. Last week that all changed. My sisters and I found out a friend could have a brain tumor; the next day we found out that while she doesn't have a brain tumor, the doctors believe that she has MS. She is still awaiting an official diagnosis, but they are 95% sure that they will confirm this once she undergoes an MRI. It felt a bit as if a bomb went off. Our friend is young, smart, beautiful, and vibrant... and now she very likely has an incurable disease. A day after we found out I decided I wanted to give her my necklace in order to serve as a symbol that no matter what, through all the fear and uncertainty that's to come, she has friends and family who love her and can support her and be a place of peace when she needs it.