The Message Was To Inspire Me

I got my key last September engraved with "strength ". The message was to inspire me through some rough times I was having/ continue to have in a relationship. Recently, a very dear friend of mine has been struggling with her sister who will be undergoing a double mastectomy next week. This friend has so much empathy for everyone she loves and cares for in her life. She is extremely close with this sister. You would think this story is about giving my key to my loving friend , but it is not. I am paying this strength bracelet forward to her sister to help her through this difficult time. I do not know this sister, but by supporting her I feel like I am supporting a friend who has always been there for me. She would do the same for a member of my family if needed. So , I give you the power of my "strength " Colleen. God Bless and come thru this with flying colors. When you are strong again, pay it forward! Debbie