The Love Of A Wife

I am so excited about the key I ordered. I have not given it forward yet but know exactly when and how I am going to do it. I ordered a custom key for my wonderful husband to be given to him on April 1st (not as a joke). He has had a rather rough past and when the month April comes around he has a difficult time managing. He gets depressed, moody and dark (which is nothing like the amazing man he is). April, in the past, has been a month of darkness in his life, of failing and loneliness, and of mistakes he regrets making. Since then he has gotten saved and found the love of Jesus. But still, years later, he struggles during this month. So the key is engraved with the word Redeemed. A reminder that he is not the man he once was and that he was won by the love of Jesus and does not have to carry the heavy burden of guilt or shame. I know that he will appreciate this and wear it close to his heart until one day April transforms into a month of blessing for him. And when that day comes I know the Lord will place someone in his path who is struggling and my husband will gratefully pass on the love, peace, and encouragement that he found in this key, a simple reminder of his redemption.