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Faith Is......

My assistant received a call from her 16yr daughter during school. The principal made her call her mother to inform"mom" it was a sexual inappropriate incident at school. Her daughter, who was high in academics, made a morally inappropriate decision. A costly 1. The school wanted to expel her. She was suspended,10 days. My assistant had given up and was making calls for an. alternative, such as home school. I felt stop calling and believe God I'd Able....With a hearing impending. I believe and stand on Faith. Both mom and daughter were over wrought with worry. I was asked to speak at the hearing. I also felt that mom was giving up in addition to fear had succumbed. I felt one bad choice should not, nor would not define her destiny; that could blow her well rounded academics, goals to pieces, (an intern as a meteorologist). So I talked, prayed and upon arriving at the hearing took my necklace of faith, put it on her neck and told her hold on to Faith, and speak nothing but positive outcome. After the hearing, 5 days later mom received the call, accepting daughter back into school to continue her education. Faith is belief in things unseen, that seem impossible!!!

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