Everything Was Beginning To Cave In

I was going through so much in my life last year, but I didn't even let it show. But it's just a best friend instinct to know something is wrong. It seemed like everything was beginning to cave in when one of my best friends handed me The Giving Key with the word 'courage' on it and explained what it was. I don't think I've ever gotten anything so sentimental in my life. It hung on my rear view mirror for months and I was always reminded to stay courageous every time I looked at it. Here recently I had made a new friend and began to learn about her journey through life and how much of a struggle it was. One night it hit me that it was time to pass on the key that had been my reminder to help get through the rough times. I explained to her what the organization was and why I was given the key and why I was giving it to her.. She cried and I had never seen a more grateful look upon someone's face when I passed it along. I pray that it helps her everyday as much as it did me. It now hangs upon her rear view mirror as a reminder.