I Gained Confidence In Myself And My Future

I chose the word faith for my key. It was to remind me to have faith in myself, faith to overcome an illness and faith that everything would be alright. After holding this key for a few months I gained confidence in myself and my future. I work in childcare and a primary school student had been coming in and having some serious anxiety when being left and in particular his mum leaving. They are a wonderful family and anxiety is not selective in who it decides to try and take on. After a few weeks if trying to think of ways I could help when he came to school I realized that this could be the opportunity to pass on my key I had been waiting for, something that would help him any time he started feeling anxious. I wrote him a letter and explained what the word FAITH meant and reminded him to have faith in himself and his family and a couple of other little personal notes. He wears it to school every day now and I got a lovely message of thanks from his mum. Having a tangible symbol that everything will be alright, something he can hold when he is finding it tough. It makes me happy to know I may have helped him even just a little bit to overcome what can be such a crippling situation when faced with this anxiety. I also explained his responsibility to one day pass the key on when he is ready.