I Latched Onto The Word BELIEVE

Years ago, I went through a painful breakup. During that time, I latched onto the word BELIEVE. It has come to mean many things to me since. Believe in myself, believe in good, believe that things happen for a reason, etc. I have the word tattooed on my body, I've worn a pendant emblazoned with the word for over 10 years, I have a sign that reads Believe hanging where it can't be missed every time I descend the staircase in my home.

The year before last, I visited a childhood friend in LA. While shopping, we came across The Giving Keys and I knew I had to buy one stamped with BELIEVE and wait for the right person to pass it on to.

Recently, a dear co-worker has been struggling with a painful breakup of her own. I will give the key to her because I BELIEVE that she will make it through this difficult time and will come out stronger for it.