Little Did I Know I Would Be Giving It Away

Hello TKG,

First off I would like to start off by telling you, you've change my life. I have taken into action the love for paying it forward and it's amazing.

Well my story happened last year in June. Several friends and I went to donate some money we collected through a benefit concert we had, all for the purpose of donating it to The Children's Hospital in LA, I was wearing a key necklace with the word "Courage" on it. Little did I know I would be giving it away to a sweet 8year old girl named Ella, who I bumped into outside the hospital. It was an unexpected moment, her mother with tears in her eyes looks at Ella and says, "And you had to use a lot of courage today." I feel I listened to my gut that told me she needed that word when I approached her, not having knowledge at all as what she was fighting. Ella left with a smile on her face and I just held back my tears.