Expect Miracles


I was giving my key from my pastor and his wife a little over a year ago. I was about to have a very difficult open heart surgery. The key they gave me said "Expect" on one side and "Miracle" on the back. I wore it until the day I went into surgery. Then I looked at my 23 year old son and said, "would you where my key until I am out of the hospital?" He put it on and decided he never wanted to take it off. He wore it for about 8 months until one of his best friends wife became pregnant. The problem was she had Leukemia and pregnancy was very risky for both the mom and baby. My son took off his key and put it around his friends neck and said "it's time for your miracle now!" 9 months later that had a beautiful healthy baby boy! Meanwhile my son told me that when he wore that key it reminded him how amazing God was and strengthened his faith. Shocked, I quickly went on line and ordered him another one! I asked what did he want to key to say? He relied, "Except / Miracles mom... What did you expect!" He never takes it off and it totally Blesses my heart! Thank you Catlin for listening to God's calling for you!