And Then It Hit Me

So I went to Passion conference this year in January. I had been to the conference before (in 2013, and 2015) so I was very excited to be returning with thousands to worship and hear the preaching of the Word of God. I attended the conference, and on the last day I noticed a stand with the keys on them, and I was curious about what they were. I asked a lady at the merchandise stand, and she told me what the Giving Keys were, and the story behind them and how they had partnered with the End It Movement (with which I was very familiar) to help spread the word about modern day slavery, and the movement to end it. So I bought one, desiring to be more outspoken not only about my faith, but how my faith in Jesus applies also to justice in our modern world. Since then, I have worn my key everyday, and have not found someone to give it to. However, as I was walking to class one day (I attend Bible college where I am studying to be a pastor) I was contemplating the message inscribed on the key, "END IT." And then it hit me, when we are saved by Jesus, and when we are radically changed by Him and for Him, we are freed from the slavery of sin. Jesus unlocks the chains of our slavery with the key of grace, and boom. We are free. See, I don't just wear my key to spread the message about modern day slavery and movements to end it, but I also wear it to spread the wonderful message of Jesus Christ and how He sets us free from all bondage, and all pain. Jesus ends our slavery, and gives us the opportunity to end it in our present world. As I look at my key, I'm reminded not only of the movement to set people free from physical slavery, but also my duty to spread the message of freedom, the message of END IT, to those who are lost in the chains of sin. I love my key because it is my daily reminder that I am free, and there are those that need to be free.